When you google diastasis you could become overwhelmed with the amount of advice being given. Everyone seems to be an expert in this condition, lots offering 8-12 week exercise programs to fix your separation. For those of you who have not heard of a DRAM (diastasis recti of the abdominal muscles), it’s a separation of the ‘six pack muscles’ (rectus abdominus). It has been reported the incidence of diastasis in pregnancy to be as high as 66-100% in the third trimester, with a diastasis persisting in up to 53% of women after delivery! (Benjamin, van de Water & Peiris 2014)

When we googled female abs images, this is a screen shot of the first results you see. Many people perceive that the deep gap running down the centre of the stomach as a toned healthy tummy. In most cases it is a DRAM.

If you flip open a magazine ad you will see that many of the ‘fit mummies’ and even women who have never had a baby feature a prominent DRAM. This weakness puts them at risk of back pain and pelvic instability. How sad is it that the bodies our culture holds up for us to admire and aspire to are too often damaged and compromised!

Can you pick the more functional tummy muscles from these photos? Many of you may choose the wrong pictures. All the women in these photos have had children but the ones on the top do not have a diastasis, the other two do.

It is so important for women to regain healthy, strong, functional bodies that will serve them for their whole lives, rather than getting six pack abs in a twelve week program but weakening the structure of the abs in
the process. I would like to thank our gorgeous tummy models! They are all working with their bodies to achieve the best outcome for themselves. Everyone’s body is different and unique, that makes us special. We should not all look the same or aim to achieve the same bodies. If you do have a diastasis and have had one for over 6 months, there is no magic quick fix. It will take work to change your posture and a life time of habit which maybe keeping it apart! DRAM is fixable in most cases, we all want our bodies to be working well and can achieve this with time and work!