Now that you have had your baby we need to focus on getting your body ready to function for all the new challenges of feeding, carrying baby (and all the stuff to look after it!), getting prams in and out of cars, play wrestling (that one’s down the track)!

After the baby arrives you might be itching to get back into vigorous exercise or ‘get your body back’, but not sure what’s safe for you or don’t want to put the baby in a crèche whilst you work out. That’s where we can help!

So much focus is placed on how we look after we have had our babies but first we have to address all the internal, less-obvious changes that occur during pregnancy and beyond. Whether your issue is stomach muscle separation (diastasis recti), pelvic floor weakness, or pelvic instability we can give you safe but challenging workouts to assist with your recovery.

It’s important to feel good about our bodies, but some exercise programmes out there can have a hidden cost – trust us, you don’t want a ‘six-pack’ tummy that comes with a hidden prolapse!

At 3 Degrees we are dedicated to helping everyone get their bodies working better, so you can do all the things you really love to do. Our instructors are highly trained in post natal exercise and follow the latest research. Peta is beyond qualified with multiple degrees and leads an educated team.

We offer classes specifically for mums – both with and without baby. You can bring your child to the day time classes and have them right next to you whilst you work out, or, if you want the time to concentrate on your body the evening classes are without bub. One of our studio’s benefits is that when you need more focussed attention you can choose Large Apparatus classes, and either transition to or add Springs and Straps classes when the time is right, or vice versa.

We are a breastfeeding-friendly studio, and you are welcome to feed your baby when necessary.

Peta is also the founder of the charity Women’s Health Education Network.