The Benefits of Gentle Mobilisation

As a nurse I have seen many ulcers through my career. When I moved into Pilates I thought that was the last of the ulcers. Last week one of our older clients had a fall and we encouraged her to come in for gentle mobilisation, it had been about 2 weeks since the initial fall.
When she fell she knocked the front of her shin, the skin was not broken but the area was swollen and looked angry and oedematous, it looked like a wound about to break down.
As we were getting her to do some gentle leg and foot work, I could not believe the improvement in the vascularity to the area and the decrease in swelling. I took some before during and after photos and you can see the amazing difference!

The general recommendation is to elevate these types of wounds, and I have seen the difference in drainage around the area this creates.
BUT seeing elevation WITH gentle mobilization just blew me away! I know that it is really hard when people have falls and that they are sore and lose their confidence. The first reaction is to rest, but the difference this gentle exercise created is amazing and a great reason to make sure people keep moving.