Congratulation on your pregnancy! The amount of change happening in your body at the moment is phenomenal. Your hormones alone have a mind of their own and kick in earlier than you think. Not only can they play havoc with your emotions they will directly impact your smooth muscle, tendons, cartilage and joints all throughout your body. This means exercise can have a completely different impact on your body that can last well beyond the 9 months of pregnancy. We don’t want to scare you, but leaky bladders, prolapse, and ongoing pelvic pain are increasingly common issues for new (and not so new!) Mum’s and can be the result of inappropriate exercise or bad posture.

So the body you once knew intimately you might no longer recognise!

So let us help guide you through this exciting time in your life. Our team of instructors, led by Peta, are extensively trained in anticipating and dealing with these changes. Peta has extensive in-studio experience working with pregnant clients paired with in-depth research into pregnancy and postnatal exercise including an Honours degree in 2015 based around safe exercise during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. As well as being a registered nurse, she also holds a Graduate Certificate in Continence Promotion and Management among other things.

Unlike other types of exercise, you can start with Pilates at any stage of your pregnancy. We can help you and your baby stay healthy, active and feeling well throughout pregnancy and beyond. The low impact and personalised nature of Pilates exercise makes it ideal for you at this time in your life.

Even though you know your body best, that body is changing every day! We can help you with pelvic pain, staying active in your pregnancy, aches and pains in your shoulders, sciatica, and gaining strength for your delivery.

Peta is also the founder of the charity Women’s Health Education Network.