Natalie has been doing mat and studio Pilates for over 5 years. She discovered Pilates through her love of dance and has found it to be a great way to exercise as well as alleviate neck, shoulder and lower back discomfort from her day job as a graphic designer.
For Natalie, Pilates delivers an intelligent way to exercise, she loves the focus, the detail and quality of movement that Pilates encourages. What impresses Natalie the most about Pilates is its accessibility. No matter what level of physical fitness, age, body type, limitations through injury or personal fitness goals, Pilates can help so many people in so many ways.
Natalie’s decision to become an instructor is due to how much she enjoys sharing the benefits of Pilates, seeing the positive changes in people through their increased quality of movement, balance, flexibility, strength and confidence.
She is particularly interested in Pilates as form of rehabilitation.