3 Degrees Pilates StudioTo make an appointment, sign-up for a mat class, or just to simply ask questions,
please call 03 6224 7267, or you can e-mail info@3degrees-pilates.com.au

Set up your initial consultation! An initial consultation is required for those who choose to work on the Pilates apparatus.
During this important appointment we go over your health history & health screening form,
talk about your goals and expectations, take records, and teach you several fundamental Pilates moves that you will practice before your first apparatus session.
If needed, we will call any health professionals you are working with that might have important information to assist us in creating your workout.

Don’t see a class time you can make?
We are taking requests for days and times for class offering.
So, if you see a class time or type of class that is not listed at a time that you can make, or, if perhaps, a 8:45 am would work better than a 8:30.
We want to make our class schedule work for you!