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In our current society there is immense pressure for women and men to fit a certain image, both externally and internally. For women especially where there is a lot of expectation to maintain a certain figure before, during and after pregnancy, it is enlightening to discover that there is a form of exercise that puts the emphasis on reconnecting your mind with your body, and on improved body functioning, not on image. An exercise system that focuses on what your body needs and wants in the moment, something which changes depending on the stage in your life, the time of day, how well you slept the day before, or what you’ve done at work that day. An exercise that responds to your individual unique bodies, facilitated and encouraged by instructors that have the appropriate experience and training. The exercise method I’m referring to is Pilates.

Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates, who was born in Germany in 1883. He was reportedly a frail child, but went on to excel physically and was an avid diver, gymnast, skier, boxer, circus performer and self-defence instructor. When interned on the Isle of Man during World War I, Joe continued to develop and refine his ideas around health, the body and mind. He referred to his exercise system as contrology and used his methods to rehabilitate the injured and keep other internees fit. On moving to America Joe continued to share his method and knowledge with others, particularly in the world of dance. By teaching others about Pilates and training new instructors along the way, Joe has enabled the evolution of the Pilates Method in to the loved and diverse exercise method it is today, with worldwide participation. Pilates is a system of physical and mental conditioning that focuses on balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, core stabilisation, breathing and postural alignment. It is now recognised as a leading practice in medicine and rehabilitation, for athletes and the general population from all ages and levels of fitness and health.

At 3 Degrees Pilates, all of our instructors are passionate about educating our clients about their bodies and how to build better physical and mental functionality. We come from backgrounds as diverse as nursing, medicine, psychology, yoga, massage, graphic design and hospitality and love sharing how Pilates has influenced us and our clients in our daily lives. However, we want to be able to share our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm further than the studio. Our solution? Starting this blog! We hope to be able to bring you up-to-date and informative information on a wide range of topics relating to Pilates, health, wellbeing and life matters. We also plan to bring you motivating stories from our clients, as well as guest posts from respected professionals in the health sector. We would love to hear your feedback as well and if there are any topics you would really like to read about, let us know and we will see what we can do! Happy reading!