Theraband Foot and Ankle Exercises

I love the fact we have such a diverse clientele! One of the joys of having a different client base is that as instructors we have to be able to apply the same techniques to different conditions and be able to modify the program and personalise it for the individual.

Recently we have had quite a few clients twisting ankles. We have done the normal rehab and they have returned to running only to twist their ankle again!

It made me think about some ballet exercises for strengthening feet and ankles I was given when I first trained by an amazing woman Margo Islop, who is a retired ballerina.
So far we have been using these exercises on runners, it’s great to be able to source different techniques from all sorts of fields then apply them to any client who will benefit from it. After we had success with this routine a few of our young dancers started asking about them, so we thought we would put the routine up on the blog so everyone could access it.

Jane’s daughter Lily loves to dance and is determined to build up enough strength to go “en pointe” one day. We thought she would be the perfect dancer to apply this to!

Here she is with a sequence of the foot and ankle strengthening exercises that can be performed anywhere with a theraband!

Lily looks amazing performing these exercises, they are great for dances but they are very diverse and can be used on runners, the elderly any client who needs to build foot and ankle strength.



Loop the band around your big toe. Flex the toe against the band. Then slowly extend the big toe, gently pulling backwards with the band.



Loop the band around the second and third toes, flex and extend the toes.



Loop the band around the fourth and fifth toes. Gently extend and flex the toes.



Place the band around the foot lengthwise, under and across the heels and toes. Flex and extend all toes against the band.



With the band still lengthwise around the foot gently rock your pelvis forward and lean towards your foot as you point the foot.


Huge thanks to our budding ballerina, Lily!