Pilates Keeps Me Active!

It was during an evening walk that I found 3 degrees Pilates studio. Initially it was curiosity that encouraged me to make the first phone call for an assessment by Peta, now six years later Pilates has become an important part of my life.
I have always been active, enjoying dance, aerobics, cycling, walking and swimming, taking on each activity with a passion. However, as I age my bones have started to creak and osteoporosis has crept into them. Earlier this year I needed a hip replacement. Peta and her team took up the challenge to ensure I was in the best ‘shape’ I could possibly be in. They focused my program on ensuring my hips, pelvic floor and core muscles were as strong and flexible as possible. This not only helped me physically but mentally to be ready for the operation.
When I finally told family and friends that I was to have an operation – most did not realise that my hip was in such disrepair! I was also able to keep up with most of my favourite activities.

I have Peta and her team to thank for working with me prior and post operation, which has meant a return to normal activities with a positive mind and strengthened body. I have found that Peta and her dedicated team of instructors bring their own unique skills to the studio whilst continuously demonstrating a genuine interest and care for their clients. The day I found 3 degrees Pilates was a indeed serendipitous!